Great news for media publishers – Twitter has just launched a new (free) tool called Twitter Curator Tool that will allow an organization to collect and filter tweets and Vines to discover specific topics talked about by users. The tool will also include an opportunity for more advanced searches and better access to analytics.

As Twitter describes in their blog post announcement, “Curator was built to allow media publishers to search, filter, curate Twitter content that can be displayed on web, mobile, and TV.” Media publishers can expect the following benefits from the new Twitter Curator tool:

More Advanced Search: Organizations will have the opportunity to fine tune searches using complex keywords or hashtag queries to find popular tweets and topics based on demographic, location, device type, and follower count.

Better Analytics: According to Curator’s website, the tool will provide “real-time insights into trending topics alongside conversations on Twitter”. This could help media publishers find noteworthy topics before users even notice them.

Tweet Collecting: Lastly, organizations will be able to filter and collect specific types of tweets and Vines to accompany the content they create and share on trending topics. For example, a publisher can include what Twitter users are saying about the President’s “State of the Union” address during the actual speech.

It’s Twitter’s way of encouraging more display of their tweets in order to reach a bigger audience. With this new tool, Twitter is looking to help its most powerful group of users, publishers, to share some of the platform’s most compelling content.

You can sign up to access the Twitter Curator tool for free on the Curator website.