Video is a hot topic these days, and Facebook knows it. Last week at its F8 conference, the social network revealed it’s launching a new facebook embeddable video player that will allow users to embed Facebook video anywhere on the web.

As Facebook describes, it’s a “new full-bleed, responsive and interactive video player to embed Facebook videos on your site.” The facebook embeddable video player will have many of the features and controls typically seen on a video player such as a play/pause, HD/SD toggle, and full screen mode. What will be extremely valuable for organizations: Facebook will let users like and share the video directly from the player.

The feature is already available. Page admins will see an embeddable video option on their videos in the drop down menu located on the right side of the post. They will then be prompted to copy and paste the HTML code on their website, whether it’s a web page or a blog post.

Previously, the only way you could share a Facebook video was to provide the link from the platform itself – extremely inconvenient if you just wanted to share a short clip.

The update is just a small piece to Facebook’s greater shift into seriously incorporating video and competing with other embeddable video sites, including YouTube and Vimeo, in the video space:

“Over the next coming months, we’re redesigning the video upload flow for Pages with new control and customization features including expiration dates, audience restrictions, and more.” Earlier this year, Facebook introduced a revamped video section for to highlight content on business and brand Pages.

What do you think of the new feature? Are you excited to see what Facebook has in store for video marketing in the future?