Social Media Week has officially kicked off in London, and Facebook has already taken to the stage to share some insight about video marketing.  Head of Creative Shop in Northern Europe Kat Hahn provided some key information about what was necessary when creating great video marketing content for mobile feeds.

The Three I’s

Hahn points out that the average person is scrolling through 300 feet of social media feed per day – or the equivalent to the Statue of Liberty.  Competing for attention can be tough with there being so much content in a social media feed, but brands can create a “content ecosystem” consisting of different video “types” to make the greatest impact on their users:

  • Immediate/on-the-go: On-the-go content, otherwise known as short video, are those moments when we peek at our phones while on the bus, during a meeting, or while on the train.  Hahn estimates that these 2 to 8 second videos account for 70% of what people are looking for when watching videos.
  • Interactive/lean-in: This content is designed for those who are actively looking for something interesting to watch.
  • Immersive/lean-back: Immersive content is that which people are happy to sit down, relax, and watch for a long period of time.  It’s estimated that 10% of people are looking for this type of content on a regular basis.

Creativity Key to Mastering Short Video

Hahn stressed the importance of creativity and the need to use tools like art direction, cinematography and copywriting in conjunction with framing, looping, and new story arcs in order to engage with your audience.  While she does acknowledge that these videos can be expensive to produce, harnessing the capabilities of tools like Instagram Stories can provide an affordable outlet for start-ups and brands on a tight budget.

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