Facebook has recently changed the way visitors are viewing your page, which means that marketers everywhere should step back and consider how they can capitalize on these new features.

What’s Changed with Facebook

Each and every Facebook page is still accompanied by a cover photo and features tab links in the left sidebar. But one significant change is that the right sidebar now has options like:

  • Watch Videos
  • Location of your business
  • The ability to search for posts on that page
  • An “Invite friends to like this Page” link

The other significant change is the order of your timeline. The default set up is:

a) There is a box for visitors and fans of a page to leave a comment; and

b) Your Facebook Shop or Services comes right after

Previously this Shop or Services section would only be followed by your latest or pinned posts.

Following that are your boxes for Videos and Photos, and after those fans and visitors will be able to see your “most recent” posts.

How to Change the Set Up

Your Facebook page is as it is because of the order of your tabs in the left sidebar. The good news is that you can change the order of these tabs at any time to better control the information your fans and visitors see first.

In the left side bar, click on the Manage Tabs link. You can then reorder your tabs, and you can find the direct link to that tab by clicking on the “Settings” button next to it.

While changing the position of your tabs, you may also want to consider changing the Template which is in the Edit Page settings. Each template offers unique features which you can find out about as you scroll through them, such as different calls to action (which are customizable) and different tabs.

Make the Most of These Changes

These fresh changes to the Facebook page layout present a number of valuable opportunities for you to take advantage of.

  • Take advantage of your new timeline boxes for media. Keep your photos and videos new and relevant to your products, services and website.
  • Link to your Instagram account. This is particularly valuable if you plan on using Facebook’s Ads Manager.
  • Set up a cross-posting relationship. If you want to share your videos across multiple pages, you can set up a cross-posting relationship between all of these pages by adding one or more pages to your “Crossposting” settings.
  • Familiarize yourself with the “Write Something” box. Another up and coming change to your Facebook page is the “Write Something” box. These boxes are designed to help you connect with customers in a variety of ways, such as having customers share photos or videos, review a product, or send you a message (the features offered will depend on your page set up)

Facebook has been making gradual changes to its pages over the past couple of weeks, some of which are not yet visible to some users. Continue to check in with your page and consider how you can take advantage of these new features so that you can best broadcast your brand to the online community.

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