Facebook has just announced that they will be rolling out four major video updates. The social media network hopes that these updates will make videos richer, more engaging and more flexible.

The New Facebook Video Updates for February 2017

The four updates are:

  • Autoplay sound
  • Picture-in-picture view
  • Larger format for watching vertical videos on Android and iOS devices
  • A new Facebook video app for television

The autoplay feature allows the sound in a video to fade in and out.  Users also have the option to minimize the Facebook videos they are viewing while also being able to view vertical videos more clearly and on the television.

What Else Has Facebook Done This Week?

Facebook page admins can now create job posts, communicate directly with applicants and track applications on through a new “Jobs on Facebook” section and on their business page.  You also still have the option to increase the reach of their job posts through a “boost” so that they will reach a more relevant or larger-sized audience based on your business needs.

Facebook Updates Highlight the Importance of Accessibility

The Facebook video updates and job search/application process make it clear that users want businesses to be more accessible for a variety of reasons, whether that is to find employment or to learn more about your products and services.

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