No one will question the fact that Facebook is the most popular social network today.  But comScore’s recent report “Digital Future in Focus” reveals just how important this channel is for both audience reach and engagement.

People are More Engaged on Facebook

The company recently looked at how engagement amongst several different social media platforms compared against one another.  There was no question here that Facebook came in at first place.

Source: comScore via Smart Insights

The results in the United Kingdom among those aged 18 to 34 was also similar with Facebook clearly pulling ahead of the social media pack.

Source: comScore via Smart Insights

Other research from Forresters has also shown that people are visiting Facebook more often than any other social media platform.

Source: Forrester via Smart Insights

Facebook comes in with a penetration rate that is 35% higher than Instagram, its next closest competitor.  While Twitter’s penetration rate is also something of note, it is overshadowed by the dominance of Facebook.

What It All Means

The message here is clear: everyone should be on Facebook.  With that being said, Facebook does not need to be your brand’s primary social media channel.  In fact, far too many businesses are making the mistake of focusing all of their efforts on Facebook while other far more lucrative networks like Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest should be their main focus.

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