The most recent United Airlines debacle involving a 69-year-old doctor and security guards who allegedly roughed the man up and dragged him off of the plane has left a lot of people wondering how this airline is going to attempt to “bounce back” and rebrand from this obvious faux pas.

“Rebranding” is one way many businesses try to come back from a mistake they have made in the eyes of their customers.  But rebranding can also open your business up to whole new audiences that will help you scale.

Reasons To Rebrand

  1.      Your old image is no longer effective

If your image has become obsolete and is no longer on-trend, it is time for a rebrand. Often all that is needed is a reshaping of an old logo, an updating of surface-level features, or a renewing your brand voice.

  1.      You want to target a new demographic

The most effective brands start off by catering to a specific audience as that is what makes a brand:

  1. Relatable; and
  2. Relevant

To target a new demographic, you will need to evolve.  Revise your image through rebranding so that you can thrive in your new demographic by identifying your goals and working with a professional.

  1.      Your competitor is a threat

Rebranding can also be a defensive tactic against a competitor.  You can step away from the pack and differentiate your brand by bringing fresh appealing standards to the table.

Rebrand Properly the First Time with Small Screen Producer

In today’s fast-paced world, small to mid-sized businesses often only have one chance to successfully rebrand.  Let the experienced digital media marketing experts at Small Screen Producer help by sharing their knowledge and expertise in effectively rebranding a company in the 21st century.

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