Memphis Pool are the most caring, customer-focused pool experts of the Mid-South, we’re not kidding! If you have a question about constructing, repairing, cleaning, or renovating your pool, they’ll know exactly how to help you.

The Memphis Pool team strives on providing exceptional customer service to each and every client and building long-term relationship, not just making the customer sale. Couple pool expertise with great customer service and you’ve got an unbeatable company that’s been in the business for the last 60 years.

As a member of the Master Pools Guild, the company passionately follows the Guild’s principles and polices to provide excellence in every aspect of their business, building plenty of recognition and credibility for being the best in the industry.

Since Memphis Pool provides many different services, there was a lot it of information to share on their brand new web presence. This is a great example of a site that absolutely needed to be easy to navigate, pleasing, and well organized for users visiting the site.

Custom Web Responsive WordPress Website Design

Take a look at the beautiful web responsive, WordPress integrated design that features a custom website template. You’ll see navigation at the top, a phone number for quick contact, and social media icons that are a must for building authority for the website.

Quick call-to-action buttons are available for a Free Consultation, Service Request, and to see Store Locations on every single page of the site. You’ll also see quick links to Memphis Pool photo galleries. This gives visitors the opportunity to contact Memphis Pool at any time and to see other aspects of their services and award-winning projects.

If you’d like to read a little bit more about Memphis, all you would need to do is scroll down to the bottom half o the homepage where you can read about the company, view a summary of pool services offered by the company through their custom-created business profile video and see a list of services offered at the bottom.

Ask the Expert and Free Downloadable Resources

The Memphis Pool team is a group of highly trained, experience pool professionals who are very knowledgeable at what they do. So we wanted to create free downloadable resources guides that give visitors the information they need to make the best decisions for their next pool project. A list of featured products, customer testimonials, and a place to sign up for Memphis’ free e-newsletter can be easily accessed alongside the free downloads as well.

Once more, at the bottom of the page, visitors have access to quick links to view Areas Served, News, and an “Ask the Expert” feature allows visitors to submit questions directly to the team through a form.

Expert information and resources, including FAQs, can be seen throughout the site under separate service pages for new pool construction, pool and spa service, pool renovations and remodels.

Micro-Categorized Photo Galleries

Each photo gallery on the site have been indexed to make it easier for visitors to see what they’re looking for. For example, the New Pool gallery is organized into the following categories:  All, Award Winning, Garden and Compact, Contemporary, Free Form, Natural, Roman, and Traditional. When the photo is clicked on, uses can view a high-resolution format of the photo and share the photo on social media sites.

Separate Contact Forms for Each Location 

Memphis Pool has several different locations in the area, including two retail stores. When a visitor is ready to contact Memphis Pool, they are able to select which service or retail location they would like to contact. The separate forms ensure that visitors get in touch with the right professionals

Meet the Experienced Team

Under “Pool and Service” and “Retail Stores,” visitors can learn more about the Memphis Pool team, each team member has a profile picture and something interesting and personal to share.

This massive, custom site was made to fit the needs of the company, its brand, and its many products and services. By incorporating a bit of the company’s profile and its reputation for being a credible, highly knowledgeable maven in the pool industry, this site provides everything that a visitor is looking for to learn more about Memphis Pool in an easy-to-navigate, social media friendly, mobile and tablet accessible way. A gold standard website for a gold standard pool company!

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