Every business, no matter ecommerce, brick and mortar, corporation, startup, or mom and pop shop can deny social media’s importance within the last five years. In those five years, there have been a surmountable number of new social media platforms that continue to pop up on the web. Some more successful than others, but nonetheless, coaxing marketers and business owners everywhere to join, reach customers, and grow business and sales.

Although we agree that social media is a way to considerably build your online presence for your business, it’s not always in your company’s best interest to join every single social medium. That’s because it often spreads a company’s efforts thin across the board, which may be helpful for growing reach, but not leads or sales. Realistically, not everyone has time to update a business’s social media sites even though it’s crucial to always have an active presence.

In addition, not every business is the same. Not every business is targeting the same audience. Because of this, it’s crucial for business that want to be successful with social media to instead thoroughly understand their audience, choose the right social platforms that match their marketing strategy, and to share interesting content that people want to consume.

To discover the right social media platforms for your business, the folks at Merchant Money put together a helpful infographic that shows you how to choose the most effective social media channels for your company. The infographic shows the benefits of the best and brightest social sites and how you can use them to boost your visibility online. Before you take a look, we recommend keeping these aspects in mind:

Establish your market – Are your products beautiful and visual? They may do better on (Pinterest, Google, YouTube).

Your buyer persona – What  type of person you targeting? Is this person male or female, what is their lifestyle like? Are you targeting a B2B or B2C audience?

Market research – There’s no harm in checking out who your competitors are and where they’re doing business. Just make sure to do it better than they do!

Consistency is key – It’s important to keep a consistent look and feel across all channels. It’s also important to consistently share content. If you’re going to have a presence, make it an active one or it’s not worth it.

Measuring your success – Consider tools like Google Analytics will show you where your leads are coming from. This gives you an opportunity to see what social campaigns are working and which ones aren’t so you can improve over time. 

How to Choose the Best Social Media Platforms for Your Business | Small Screen Producer Digital and Inbound Marketing Agency Houston