Ever wonder how long it takes a lead to actually convert once they have clicked on your ad?  Google AdWords may have some answers for you with its new “days to conversion” AdWords segment.

“Days to conversion” provides users with an estimate on how many days you should expect for a lead to convert after initially clicking on one of your Google AdWords advertisements.  These estimates are based on the performance of previous campaigns.

Make Better Informed Decisions

Through the “days to conversion” segment, advertisers can get a clear look at how long their sales cycles run from the top campaign level right down to a keyword level.  

With this fresh new data, advertisers and brands can make better informed decisions about how they can best optimize their campaigns and their Google AdWords ad units.  For example, by having this information, an advertiser can make better decisions about how long they should run remarketing ads or when they should initiate promotional campaigns.

This new function is available in both the current and brand new AdWords interface.

Need Help with Your Google AdWords Campaign?

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