QR codes have been used in the shipping and manufacturing industry for years, and ventured their way into mainstream marketing a couple years ago. Each year we hear about how QR codes are going to catch on. While they may not have exploded per se, customers are familiar with them and know how to scan and interact with them.

We’ve gotten past the education hurdle, but QR codes are often sorely misused or underutilized. With a 1 x 1 inch graphic, you can create life in almost any space. This lead generation and lead conversion tool can create a huge burst in your business if paired with the right strategy.

1. Take Your Customers Somewhere Meaningful

If your customers are taking the time to interact with your brand, make it count. The placement of your QR code should correlate with where you take them for maximum impact. For example, link a QR code on your business card to an electronic business card that automatically stores your contact information in the person’s phone. Or place a QR code on your product that leads to a YouTube video explaining tips on how to use that product.

Get in the mindset of where your customers are when they would scan your QR code and place relevant content that can be appreciated.

2. Provide An Opportunity for Conversion

A trick to any successful lead conversion campaign is to offer a place for people to opt in to your content or to get in touch with you for more details. If you’ve provided quality content, people may want to see more. Provide an easy way for visitors to subscribe to your blog or become your fan on Facebook.

Convert leads with QR Codes, first, create a landing page campaign that houses your content and a lead conversion form where prospects can enter their contact information to start a relationship with you. Not only will your lead be contacting you, but you’ll also know their interests from their QR code behavior. For example, if someone scans a QR code that takes them to a mobile landing page with helpful information on video marketing and a form that allows them to sign up for you video subscription service, you have a new lead that you know wants video services. Your sales team knows how to follow up, and your lead-to-close rate improves significantly.

3. Track, Analyze and Adjust

Google Analytics allows you to set up specific URLs for your QR codes. Tracking those URLs enables you to see how your QR code campaign is performing. You should set specific goals before you ever launch a QR code campaign to know your benchmarks, and then analyze how you’re hitting those benchmarks throughout the campaign. If you’re a little off, you can keep going as is, but if your numbers aren’t where they need to be, adjust! Maybe the placement of the QR code isn’t optimal. Maybe the content isn’t meaningful enough. Allow yourself enough time to make adjustments and to analyze before tweaking something else in the campaign.

Measurement is key to know if you’re reaching your goals, and free tools like Google Analytics is a great way to track your success.

To learn more about QR codes, click here or watch the video below!

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