Video ads are a must-have on Instagram.  According to Sensor Tower, one in four ads were video in mid-2016, an increase of 23 percent from January 2016.

With one million active users on the social network on a regular basis, the problem is creating video ads which speak to your audience.  How can you stop the scroll and have people pay attention to you?

  1. Use Beauty to Your Advantage

Many of us will scroll right past anything that we recognize as an ad online.  Brands can start fighting against this by blending beautiful video content into their feeds which includes more “human” elements, like people playing beach volleyball or hiking along a rugged mountain path.

When we see something beautiful, we stop and try to get to know everything possible about it such as where this place is located and who posted the content.  This will not only have audiences stopping to watch video ads, but it will create a positive association to your brand.

  1. Stop Promoting Yourself

As crazy as it may seem, promoting your product is the easiest and fastest way to get people to scroll past your content.  Instead of promoting yourself, pick a theme associated with your brand (color, idea, season, etc.), build video content around that theme and add text to your videos to increase engagement.

  1. Be Candid

Take video of your product in the making, highlight an event you are part of, and include fun customer testimonials that show off the personality of yourself, your employees and your clients.

Video ads may seem complicated, but they don’t have to be.  Speak to a digital media marketing specialist at Small Screen Producer today to learn more about your video and online marketing options.