If you’re like most small to medium-sized businesses, you don’t have a massive digital marketing budget. There are three key tactics you should follow to ensure your pool and spa company is able to make every advertising dollar count.

Investigate Search Query Reports

Search query reports provide insight into which keywords are working well for your pool and spa company, and which may be having a negative or harmful effect. These are known as “negative keywords” and they are just as important as keywords you want your company to rank for.

For example, let’s say you’re a pool and spa company that sells brand new hot tubs and hot tub covers. One thing your company doesn’t do is sell used or refurbished hot tubs.

You don’t want people looking at or clicking on your advertisements if they’re on the market for a used hot tub. A negative keyword in this instance would be “used hot tub,” “refurbished hot tub” or “free hot tub.”

You also don’t want users looking at or clicking on your advertisements if they’re searching for a different pool and spa company. The negative keyword here could be “[Competitor’s Name] Hot Tub Company.”

Users who live across the country are also likely not your target audience, so you would want to exclude locations you don’t serve, as well.

Adjusting Your Digital Marketing Advertising Bids

Pool and spa companies have to be smart with their ad bidding if they want to maximize ad spending.

There are a variety of ad segments you should analyze to determine how you can get the best return on your investment, like:

  • Location
  • Device
  • Audience
  • Time of day/day of the week
  • Household income
  • Demographic information (age, gender, etc.)

For example, scheduling ads during the weekend typically will cause your cost per action (CPA) to rise. Your research may actually uncover that certain weekdays are just as effective for customer acquisition, but for a fraction of the cost. You can then scale back on your weekend bid spending and allocate those funds towards a certain day or time during the week.

Retargeting Audiences

We’ve talked about retargeting in the past and it’s definitely worth mentioning here.

Retargeting through the Google Display Network and paid social allows you to reconnect with users who have already shown interest in your brand and intent to take action. These users are primed and easier to engage with, significantly increasing your chances of converting them.

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