Nurturing your leads is like growing a garden. You place the seeds with content marketing, water by interacting with your followers, fertilize by answering any questions and educating, then checking the seeds by monitoring progress and following up. And like any gardener, not seeing any blooming blossoms out of your hard work can be down right frustrating!

If you find that you are doing everything by the book, but can’t seem to convert sales, what if we told you that social media can help?

According to multiple sources: 

  • 62% of companies say that social media has become an important source of leads (Hubspot).
  • 72% of B2C marketers have acquired a customer through Facebook. B2B marketers have found LinkedIn  277% more effective than Facebook or Twitter for acquiring new customers (Wishpond).
  • 46% of web users look towards social media when making a purchase. 8 out of 10 SMBs use social media for their business to drive growth (Social Media Today).

It turns out that most of your leads are most likely following you on social media, trying to learn more about your brand! A majority of people would like to engage and connect with their favorite brands, whether it’s learning more about the brand’s products and services or just plain entertainment.

(Source: Social Media Today)

Focus on a long term strategy 

Nurturing takes time. An effective, successful nurturing campaign does not start working right away, but takes time to grow. Many customers will shy away from the pushy sales tactics; instead, they will likely be more responsive to a multi-channel campaign that helps them learn more about your brand, build trust, and give you the opportunity to share your expertise.

Reach customers through different outlets

Today’s customers have enough channels at their disposal to learn more about desired products and services, and rarely focus on a single communication channel. Customers will move from website form, to email marketing, to social media, and even check out your Google listing. For your lead generation strategy to reach your audience, it needs to span across many different channels. This includes social media.

Create meaningful conversation 

Leads don’t want to just be email addresses in your CRM that you send everything and anything to! To successfully convert a lead into a customer is to be relatable; meet them on an equal level. Meaningful conversation matters. They want to hear from you, learn more about you, learn to trust you, and hear what they should expect from you.

How to use Social Media to Give Your Lead Nurturing a Boost 

With all of the above said, here are some ideas that could help you build better relationships, show your brand’s value, and provide a little boost in customer conversion.

Post answers to FAQs 

Fans and followers are curious. What makes you different from competitors? What can your business accomplish for them? Addressing your customers’ questions on how you can solve their everyday challenges can help them learn about your processes and brand values.

Build trust by sharing customer stories 

Prospective customers want to know how you work with clients. More than just learning about processes, they want to know how you supported your clients and built personal relationships with them. Sharing a customer story or testimonial is a great way of showing how you can help!

Share relevant and helpful content 

Scheduling a bunch of trendy topics and articles may help you look relevant, but picking and choosing specific content that speaks to your target audience can be more beneficial. Sharing specific information that addresses your audience’s specific pain points can speak volumes.