The long-rumored Google Marketplace may be closer than we think. In an effort to increase advertising revenue and retail search traffic, Google buy buttons will be introduced that will be found on mobile search results pages. The buttons will show up in paid mobile search results under a “Shop on Google” heading found at the  Read More

Facebook announced a break through in social media advertising today! The social network added a “Call Now” button option to its News Feed ads in its effort to enhance its advertising initiatives for local businesses. The new call-to-action button is specifically available for News Feed ads and enables a customer to telephone a business. Mobile  Read More

Bing announced that it might be following Google’s lead by introducing its very own mobile friendly signal ranking that will rank mobile friendly websites higher in mobile search results. As the second most popular search engine, Bing recently started tagging results as, “mobile-friendly,” allows mobile users to differentiate between non-mobile friendly sites before they click. According  Read More

Last year was when we were first introduced to the carousel ad format on Facebook. Thanks to their recent success with carousel link ads, it looks like Facebook is making the format available to mobile ad campaigns. According to a Facebook for Business post published yesterday, the format will now be available for mobile ads and will support  Read More