Last year was when we were first introduced to the carousel ad format on Facebook. Thanks to their recent success with carousel link ads, it looks like Facebook is making the format available to mobile ad campaigns. According to a Facebook for Business post published yesterday, the format will now be available for mobile ads and will support five images with links. Facebook added that this format has allowed advertisers to lower costs per conversions by 30 – 50 percent, 20 – 30 percent lower than costs per click of single image link ads.

Facebook Mentions “Improved Ad Performance”

Since the Facebook carousel ad format supports up to five images, Facebook says it can produce better results for an advertising, making the experience more “interactive, attention-grabbing, and helpful for both direct response and brand awareness marketing”.

Facebook recommended that advertisers take advantage of this new format to highlight brands and products in “different, creative ways”. For example, MINI used the carousel format to take people on a virtual tour of a new car model.

Neiman Marcus used the new format to bring its catalog to Facebook, showcasing their shoe and handbag collections. Facebook claims this carousel format drove 3X more conversions and 85% better click through rates.


Credit: Facebook

Facebook Carousel Ads Provide More Insightful Data for Advertisers

Facebook also mentions that carousel ads also give advertisers more insight on which links are performing best and give advertisers the option to optimize the order of the images based on the most engagement and expected performance. This optional feature has helped increase click through rates by an average of 12%.

What are your thoughts on the new ad option? Do you see your business or organization using the facebook carousel ad format for future mobile ad campaigns?