After half a year of testing, Instagram is finally ready to debut its auto-play video ads, 15-seconds of video that will auto play in Instagram users’ feeds. Users began seeing advertisements from well-known brands on Thursday. These video ads, much like the Instagram photo ads that were introduced last year, are targeted only to specific audiences, creating a more native, uninterrupted experience for users.

Spots from these five companes: Disney, Activision, Lancome, Banana Republic, and CW are already being promoted in users’ feeds. More advertisements are expected to roll out within the new few weeks. You can see four of the video ads on Ad Week right now.

Instagam is a company that’s always been very hands on in regards to the advertising it displays. The image-sharing site makes an extra effort to ensure that advertising does not intrude on the user experience; it’s no surprise that the same holds true for its video ads. According to Ad Week, Instagram reviews all clips to make sure they contain fresh content and match with the look and feel of the platform itself. That means advertisers won’t be allowed to simply repurpose TV/Web commercials they have already produced. This creates a more native experience on the app, allowing users to see promoted content without feeling interrupted by sales gimmicks and pitches.

As more and more people become mobile-centric, Instagram’s popularity will likely continue to grow. And video is likely to play a major role in Instagram’s growth as it has for other parts of the web. Additionally, the fact that Instgram is so aware of what ads it displays, raises the question of whether or not native advertising will the the way of the future for online advertising.