The exchange and presentation of holiday cards is the most widely accepted custom in the United States, according to the Greeting Card Association. And about 500 million eCards are sent every year by companies all over the country. Why?

  • eCards are environmentally-friendly and don’t require paper waste and postage
  • a single eCard can be sent to thousands at once, saving time and money
  • eCard offers amazing customization, maximizing your message through graphic, creative, and interactive elements like video.

With more and more customers spending time online and on mobile this year, it’s important to note that online properties including website, content, and videos will play a bigger role in capturing a customer’s attention than ever before.  With video growing to be the most interactive, engaging type of content available on mobile, here are the biggest benefits companies can get from holiday video ecards this year:

Video =  Mobile

People watch videos most on mobile devices because of convenience and entertainment. Mobile video has the potential to be in people’s hands, readily available for them press play when they have a minute of free time. This makes branding and buying opportunities significant because they put viewers one click away from viewing your site, learning more about your company, and possibly buying your products and services.

  • Holiday engagement on mobile will be a big trend for 2013. Mobile retail sales will jump to $3.2 billion dollars (compared to 20.9 billion in 2012).
  • Online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic and up to 69% of traffic on certain networks (Rhythm Insights)


Major Personalization 

With the spirit of the holiday season, the biggest advantage of video ecards is personalization. Take business relationships to another level by showing that you took time and effort to reach out to your customers and contacts by adding in motion graphics, music, and personal sentiments that go beyond just print. At the end of the video, a call-to-action can be set in place to offer customers instant gratification to further build a relationship with you. The possibilities are endless for creating an engaging, personalized piece that will make customers feel like they’re one in a million.

Enhanced Reputation Management 

Like we like to say here in the office, reputation is everything. It’s your company’s biggest asset to create and carry on customer relationships. In this digital age, it’s safe to say that businesses who are in touch with technology are better at finding new and innovative ways to reach users and  are embraced a bit more than other companies.


Did you forget to send one of your clients a holiday greeting? There is no other way to sent a last-minute, impressionable, personal message to a customer than with a holiday video ecard that requires nothing but a click of a button. Not only that, holiday video ecards are great ways to engage all fans and followers of your company because they can be instantly embedded anywhere online, even on your social media sites and website.

Better SEO

Video is one of the top tactics to increase search rankings on search engines.  Unlike TV ads that get taken down after the campaign is over, videos that are created and uploaded on channels such as YouTube and Vimeo stay online, working hard for your brand and lowering your overall cost-per-unit spending over time.

A Bigger Impression

Video is so popular right now because it entertains, educates, and inspires today’s online users, who have become accustomed to requesting and receiving information right away.  Video is a great medium for moving users to laugh, cry, and take action.  Nothing conveys a story or an idea better than a video.

Ready to create your holiday video ecard, click to get started below: 


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