There’s a fun, breakthrough experiment that’s underway in the world of video. YouTube is rolling out a new feature that allows users to switch different video angles while a video is playing.

This new feature allows YouTube viewers to jump back and forth between a few different cameras. While it’s totally an experiment for now, it’s an innovative way of look at online video. If you want to see it, head over to musician Madilyn Bailey’s YouTube channel. YouTube took her performance and turned it into a multi-angled video! According to reports by TechCrunch, the technology is not ready to scale to everyone yet; it’s just being tested by a select few. Those who would like to try out the new feature on their own videos can fill out the form here.

A New Perspective

It’s YouTube’s efforts “to keep making more immersive and interactive video experiences,” according to a YouTube spokesperson. We watched the video above and it looks like the feature runs very smoothly. There are four different angles to choose from and you can control the camera angle from your keyboard or mouse. It just doesn’t work on mobile yet, but what a breakthrough! If this feature gains momentum with YouTube users, it’ll change the way we see video and could particularly be great for live events such as musical performances and sporting events. We also see this tool enhancing product review videos or tutorials of any kind as well.

What do you think of the new YouTube feature? Do you think this feature will take off in the future?