When people talk about online reviews, Google is likely what first comes to mind. As it turns out, Yelp reviews for pool companies may be just as – if not more – influential. In fact, one study by FreshChalk showed that Yelp reviews appear in the top 5 results for 92 percent of local Google queries.

A Yelp-commissioned study carried out by Survey Monkey involving more than 6,000 adult reviewers revealed that 97 percent of adults will do business with a company they find on Yelp. 93 percent of the same respondents also said that they use Yelp to compare businesses before making a purchase decision.

More Important Highlights from the Study

The study also found that people who read online reviews on Yelp have a high purchase intent.

  • 51 percent made a purchase within a day
  • 90 percent made a purchase within a week
  • 98 percent made a purchase within a month

These numbers have increased since a 2016 Nielsen study where only 42 percent said they’d make a purchase within a day, 79 percent within a week, and 92 percent of respondents “sometimes, frequently or almost always” made a purchase after visiting Yelp.

Online Reviews Not the Only Information Consumers Value

Having a solid star rating and glowing reviews is one thing. The study’s respondents also shared that they were looking for other key pieces of company information, including:

  • If the business has a trade or business license (75 percent of respondents)
  • If the business makes it easy to request a price estimate online (71 percent of respondents)
  • If the business has posted images of completed projects and their cost (69 percent)
  • What makes the business unique, such as being family-owned or having multiple locations (58 percent)

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