To follow up on Tuesday’s blog post, we thought we’d offer some hard facts for you to ponder:

The Google Panda update was implemented in February 2011 to encourage SEO metrics and quality of your websites. Learn more about the Google Panda update February 2011 – Read full article

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New areas to determine quality of your website to climb up in search ranking:

Social Media: mass social sharing of your content is an indicator to Google that you have quality content that people want to share.

Engagement: how long people are spending on your site and the bounce rate is now becoming more and more important. Your web site content should include a human quality score and not keyword stuff or practice any black hat SEO.

Website Design: now being used by Google as an SEO measurement. Too many ads above the fold, or pages that don’t have much content will impact your search engine optimization.

Facts you may not have known about Google:

  • In January 2012 it was revealed that Google is now giving preferential indexing on search results to those that use their own product lines. This coincided with the Google + the World launch.
  • Google now allows you to search a company by video, images, blogs, maps and more. Search is now integrated. It is not uncommon to find that videos can beat out a website for ranking by certain keyword phrases.
  • Google’s Android phone and the iPhone4 will continue developing Near Field Technology (NFT) applications for their phones using places, maps, and reviews to assist mobile customers in selecting targeted local businesses as they pass by the locations.

As you can see, Google is improving and adapating to the ever growing challenges of digital engagement, web presence and content marketing.


google Google will be focusing on creating a new personalized, localized mobile search experience for all of us. Blogs, video, photos, social media, friends and your G-mail account will all be indexed, and you will be able to query where your friends are located and what businesses you will visit through their new Google+ your World.

So what do these facts mean for you and your business?  It means your marketing strategy must include a full array of content marketing options including social media, video production, blogging and more.  If you’re a local business, you have great opportunity as well.

Bad linking campaigns and overloading keywords won’t cut it anymore.  An overall content marketing plan will not only increase your search engine ranking, but also your customer engagement and lead close rate. It’s a win-win situation. To determine where you stand on your overall web presence foundation and optimization, access your Free Online Marketing Assessment Today.


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