There’s a reason why interactive lecture sessions work better for most students than when they have to study independently. First off, engagement is key to understanding. Secondly, they’re less likely to get distracted by other things if they’re participating in something. The same goes for marketing. 

Surprisingly, it takes less than a second for a person to determine whether or not they will remain on your website. Of course, there is a difference between staying on the page and actually reading the content.

The numbers don’t lie. Only 45% of clicks get over 15 seconds of attention. As a small business owner in an industry as competitive as the home improvement or backyard living industries, you’ve got your work cut out for you. 

If you run the numbers, you might think that it’s hopeless. It’s not – far from it. 

Let’s introduce you to something that will give you more than just a chance to connect meaningfully with your audience. 

The Power of Interactive Content for Small Businesses

As the name implies, interactive content functions by actively engaging the audience. Unlike static information, where people get to see whatever content you put out later, this allows you to hold your prospective clients’ attention for as long as possible. 

That dramatically increases your chances of converting the leads you get on the website to actual customers. 

Examples of Interactive Content

Other than live videos and any tool you can use to engage your website visitors actively and let them participate counts as interactive content. 

Some of these include –

  • Infographics
  • Surveys and polls 
  • Calculators 
  • Interactive videos and walkthroughs 
  • Personality assessments 
  • Interactive emails 
  • Webinars

As a home improvement business owner, the possibilities for you are endless. For instance, swimming pools or kitchen designs are visually appealing and often aesthetically pleasing. A survey on what pool design people prefer might pique people’s interest. 

With interactive content, a few steps are essential, such as:

  1. Start by figuring out what your potential clients are on the lookout for.
  2. Come up with a strategic way to use this in creating some form of campaign for your website. 
  3. Encourage people to participate and ensure you engage with them positively from start to finish.
  4. Take action at the end. A call to action will suffice here.  

Think of it as a cascade of events that are expected to yield one goal – convert your website visitors to paying customers and make your home improvement business thrive. 

Benefits of Interactive Content

It makes your content relevant to your audience

“Engaging, educating, and exciting” content is the trifecta in content marketing. Interactive content covers all three E’s and is a smart way of providing valuable content for your audience. 

Increase traffic to your website

Most tools that increase your ranking on Google require a substantial level of SEO to work. Interactive content provides lots of points in this department. 

Extra promotion

Social media is all about sharing. Interactive content is well-known for optimizing this part of social media. Everyone’s on the lookout for some engaging, visually appealing content. You’ve got that in the bag with your home improvement business already. Use interactive content to create more brand awareness for your small business. 

Endear yourself to your audience

Endear” might be a bit of a strong word. However, with great interactive content, you can rest assured that you’re standing out from the crowd and gaining your customers’ loyalty. This is invaluable in the home improvement industry. 

Boosts revenue

Interactive content will attract potential clients to your website. You can make this better by targeting the right people. Interactive content helps to increase your conversion rates. It makes your visitors’ stay memorable, thereby increasing chances of them patronizing you and, of course, helping to boost revenue.

Interactive Virtual Showroom Tours & Video Learning Centers

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Interactive content isn’t particularly new in the world of marketing. Over the years, it has proven time and again why it’s worth going for. Give it a try for your small business. You’ll be glad you did.

Want help creating interactive content? We’ve got you covered! Contact us today to get started.

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