There are a number of elements all successful pool and spa company website designs have in common. Many you can guess, but there may be one or more you haven’t considered.

Professional photos of your poolscape projects, a clean website layout and easy navigation are just the beginning of having an engaging website that is going to help you expand brand awareness and rev up sales. To increase engagement and the amount of time visitors are spending on your website, add a sales quote estimator or calculator to your website.


3 Benefits of a Website Sales Quote Estimator

Chances are a lot of your website visitors already have a ballpark figure of how much they assume their pool project is going to cost. But as we’ve experienced, this figure is often way off-base.

Having a sales quote estimator on your pool and spa company website does more than encourage visitors to spend more time on your site. There are additional benefits, like:


  1. It makes your visitors’ lives easier

The easier you make the pool design and building process on your visitors, the better the impression you’ll make. Potential clients can get an answer on how much their pool project is going to cost instantly without having to spend time on the phone or sending your company an email.

  1. It helps qualify leads

Once a visitor has an idea of how much their pool project is going to cost when working with your company, they can make the decision to contact you further for information or not.

  1. It makes your pool company more trustworthy

Transparency is hard to come by in the online world. Having a sales quote estimator makes your pool company seem more reliable and trustworthy in the eyes of online visitors.


Professional Website Design Services by Pool Marketing Site

The website design team at Pool Marketing Site are leaders in pool and spa online marketing. We offer a variety of website services, including customizable and affordable sales quote estimators for new pools, hot tubs, and pool remodels. Call us now at (281) 940-3798 to learn more!