Did you know that less than 2 percent of those visiting your website are converting on their first visit? This means that 98 percent of potential prospects need a bit more encouragement from you – and this is exactly where website retargeting can step in.

Website retargeting gives pool and spa companies the opportunity to recapture potential leads and clients who didn’t sign a contract, download a checklist or sign up for your email newsletter. Consumers are retargeted through ads in a variety of ways, including while:

  • Browsing the Internet
  • Catching up on the latest news on social media
  • Watching videos

The difference between retargeted website ads and traditional ads is that retargeted advertisements are only shown to those who have visited your website in the past. This is done either through list-based retargeting or pixel-based retargeting.

What are the Benefits of Website Retargeting?

There are numerous benefits to retargeting previous website visitors. The first and most obvious on our list:

  1. You’ll Generate More Sales

Sometimes visitors need a gentle reminder that your pool and spa company exists. Giving them a gentle nudge with retargeted advertisements will go a long way in helping you drive more sales.

  1. You’ll Reconnect with People Who Are Interested In You

Cold calling is a tough sales tactic. Through website retargeting, you’re reaching warm prospects who have already checked you out and who may very well be interested in what you have to offer.

  1. You’ll Boost Brand Awareness

It can take up to seven impressions by your pool and spa company for a consumer to trust you enough to take any action (this includes downloading free online materials!). Through retargeting, you can reduce the amount of time it takes for a prospect to become confidently aware of your brand and therefore make a purchase decision.

  1. You’ll Understand Your Visitors Better

Having data on your previous and current retargeting campaigns will help you create a strong road map for how you should run future marketing and retargeting campaigns. You will be able to uncover where the highest percentage of those retargeting conversions are being recaptured and hone your online marketing efforts to maximize your results.

  1. You’ll Save on Marketing Expenses

Retargeted ads can deliver amongst the highest ROI for every dollar you spend on digital advertising. This is because you’re reaching out to people who are already somewhat familiar with your company and who are at least one step closer to taking action.

Explore Your Retargeting Options with Pool Marketing Site

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