In a recent survey by CopyPress, 65% of marketers surveyed said they plan on using Google Authorship as part of their content marketing strategy for the year. However, Google Authorship is fairly new and not many brands or marketers know much about Google authorship or the many benefits that it can provide to improve online visibility.

What is Google Authorship?

Google Authorship is a feature that Google provides that gives authors and writers of online content more visibility in Google search results. When you conduct a Google search, it’s the profile picture and byline you see next to a title link on a Google results page. It looks something like this:

What is Google Authorship? | Marketing Term | Small Screen Producer Digital and Inbound Marketing Agency Houston

You can see the difference between the usual search result links and links with Google Authorship. The rich snippets of information about the author, including their full name, profile photo, and the number of circles he or she is in are taken from the author’s Google+ account. The tie-in with Google+ lets Google make the connection between the content being created and the creators of that content. That right there helps Google differentiate content that’s written by a human being and content that’s not.

Why is it so Important?

With the many algorithm changes Google went through this past year, Google is transforming SEO and as a result, the way everyone finds online content.

The truth is the online world is bursting with content, more than ever before, and its Google’s goal to make sure that they now give the most relevant, quality content available to users searching for it on their search engine.  The company is no longer giving all keyword-rich articles the upper hand (unless those articles provide true substance). And they’re trying their hardest to take out anonymity and spam.

Brands and marketers can no longer fake their way into better search rankings by just including relevant but empty words. They’ll have to work for them by offering compelling content, in many forms to the right people and at the right time at every stage of the buying cycle, in order to see great results. And Google Authorship is a way to do that.

The Advantages of Google Authorship

Google Authorship is a highly effective way to connect and promote content because it provides:

SEO Benefits

When an author of online content has proven to Google that he or she can provide quality and generate a good amount of traffic, the writer will develop and establish an “Author Ranking,” boosting the rankings of all the content he/she creates on the search engine.

Google Authorship is still new creating and promoting content now will boost rankings later on and put you ahead of the curve.

Name Awareness/Google Authority

Take a look online. There are experts and trend setters in every single industry. These content leaders established themselves as writers who provide high quality content and staying informed about what’s happening. Users end up following these types of writers and hanging on every word. Getting the name and face of the writer who is associated with your business helps establish you as an authoritative figure and influencer online.

Increased Connection and Engagement with Online Audience

Google Authorship helps you make connections with your readers who will search for your content online and recognize right away which content you’ve written and authored. Additionally, Google Authorship lists your Google+ followers and links to additional information about you and your business, information you couldn’t provide before.

To get set up, here are some official tips from Google. If you need additional help, Small Screen Producer is happy to help you improve your content marketing strategy and get better recognized on the web. 

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