There’s a variety of ways that small businesses can market products and services. Some companies have a tremendous amount of success with email marketing, while other companies might focus on Google Ads. Of course, Facebook is also extremely popular for small business owners seeking to promote their brand. While Facebook Ads and Posts have existed for years, Facebook Email Marketing is a much newer concept.

Facebook boasts over 2 billion monthly active users, a significant percentage of the entire global population. Facebook marketing is a great way to find new potential clients and customers, and it should be considered in terms of your overall digital strategy.

Facebook Email Marketing is Coming Soon

Many small businesses have benefited from email marketing, which shouldn’t come as much surprise. Some companies can even thrive off using only their email list. Email marketing certainly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Of course, there are always new trends and innovations in email marketing, such as mobile optimization, email personalization, and more. To this day, many marketing experts consider email marketing the best marketing method in terms of ROI (return on investment).

Facebook also seems to understand that email marketing is a great way to engage with customers and convert new visitors. That’s why the company has been testing different email marketing tools on Business Pages to figure out how to help business owners generate more revenue on the platform.

Strategy Tips

There are all sorts of ways to make Facebook email marketing work for you. First and foremost, you can create a targeted Facebook ad and then use emails to more aggressively pitch products. You can also use emails to encourage consumers to follow you on other social media platforms, which can help with building up brand credibility and converting new customers. You can also host contests and sweepstakes on Facebook to encourage people to sign up for your email list, which could be an effective strategy. You could even customize these contests by using a Facebook contest app, as well.

Ultimately, there are different benefits to Facebook ads and email marketing strategies, but the fact remains that both are important to your digital marketing strategy in general. If you incorporate the two, you might find that you are able to increase sign-ups, conversion, and revenue.

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