We all know that how you reach your customers is critical, especially on the web, but what you say is also very important to attracting your audience’s attention… and keeping it. And for marketers, constantly create effective brand messages that are interesting and compelling is a big challenge.  So how do you make it simpler?

An effective approach is to simply shift your focus from your business to your consumer when talking about your company, products, and services. By focusing on your target audience and how they can best benefit from you, you’re creating a smart, compelling way for them to want to learn more and stay interested.

We found a really helpful article from Mashable: “5 Common Brand Message Mistakes by Marketers” for crafting the right messages on your website, social media, digital signage, blog and more.

1. Address your customer’s values: By taking the time to understand your customers and their values and aligning your messaging accordingly, you show that you genuinely care about their needs.

2. Don’t rely on buzzwords: Sure, everyone loves popular buzzwords that excite and attract, but the more they’re used, the more watered down they become.  Don’t try to woo your customers with buzzwords.  Instead, speak openly about what you have to offer, using lingo your customer both understands and appreciates.

3. Make your message portable: Be able to provide an “elevator speech” about your company or product.  By stating your purpose in 50 words or less, your customer is more likely to spread your message by word of mouth.

4. Don’t forget to excite: It’s up to you to enlighten and inspire with your messaging –- so infuse your language with as much energy as possible. Use action verbs rather than the passive voice.

5. Don’t incorporate everyone’s voice: Multiple opinions can be valuable, but your message shouldn’t sound like it was fused together in a lab.  Remain true to your audience’s values, be authentic, and communicate in straightforward terms.

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or one that’s just starting out, all of us (even Fortune 500 companies) make these mistakes. The more you’re aware of these five common mistakes, the more likely you are to avoid them. You’ll attract and keep interested, happy customers through your web marketing efforts.

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