Regardless of industry, every professional, practitioner, and consultant could use tools to get jobs done more quickly and efficiently, and this includes the pool and spa industry. Those who find themselves in this particular industry know that pool and spa can often be a very demanding industry that requires many moving parts to be able to build and maintain big backyard investments. Sometimes while juggling these moving parts, many pool companies will find that their sales and marketing departments suffer as a result.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Luckily, technological advances in this digital age have made it easier for companies to capture, create, and continue customer relationships. It’s called marketing automation. Here are a couple of ways marketing automation can work for the pool and spa industry to allow for more efficiency and effectiveness without any added work.


Website Lead Generation

First of all, marketing automation and lead generation go hand-in-hand. Marketing automation is all about enabling marketers to set up automated messages based on visitors’ actions on the company website. Rather than sending the same generic email to every single one of your contacts, marketing automation allows businesses to send messages that are less spammy and more relevant. For example, when a visitor clicks to join your email list and visits a specific product page, marketing automation gives marketers the ability to automatically send a “Thank You for Joining Our Email List” email and a “Learn more about X Product” email to that specific visitor.

To maximize the amount of qualified leads requires companies to capture as many leads as possible and send information that is relevant to them. With marketing automation, the number of ignored leads goes from 80% to about 25% (Bulldog Solutions).


Appointment Setting 

How to Use Marketing Automation for the Pool and Spa Industry | Small Screen Producer Digital and Inbound Marketing Agency Houston

According to Marketo, sales agents spend 22% more time selling when marketing automation is deployed. Every salesperson uses email to agree on a meeting time. However, this can be inefficient if done incorrectly. Sloppy, unprofessional emails can be confusing and drive potential customers away. The interaction with the salesperson is always the first test. Instead of sending several emails to collect the right information and coordinate a time for a meeting or appointment, sales emails sent via marketing automation can automatically trigger to immediate communicate the following:

  • State what the email isl about
  • Time zone
  • Provides several dates/times the customer can choose from
  • Provides customer with the opportunity to pick and alternate time
  • Confirms next steps

With marketing automation, a sales team does not have to worry about what to ask and how to format the email. It can automatically be send to the client at a moments notice to collect information as quickly as possible.


Construction Process and Followup 

Once the prospect becomes a customer, the marketing automation doesn’t have to stop there. Nurturing campaigns may be sent to the client to provide updates on the process. Pool builders can use marketing automation to trigger construction update emails to communicate to the client on the different stages in the pool building process such as design, surveying, permits, layout, excavation, plumbing, etc. Additionally, follow up emails can be sent to the client after a complete project to upsell on other products and services.


Marketing Automation Services

Make marketing automation work for you and your sales and marketing team. Begin capturing more qualified leads and nurturing current customer relationships for your pool and spa company. Small Screen Producer is partnered with Sharp Spring to provide our clients with easy marketing automation and real results!