Bing Ads has introduced a pilot program designed to help marketers and advertisers reach their target customers.

American users will be able to take advantage of their new In-Market Audiences, and advertisers worldwide will be able to make use of the new Custom Audiences feature.

Bing Ads Finds Ideal Audiences with In-Market Audiences

In-Market Audiences provides advertisers with a curated list of people who have had purchase intent for a specific category of services or products.  These lists are based on information received across a variety of Microsoft services including MSN and Bing.

Custom Audiences Creates User-Generated Remarketing Lists

While In-Market Audiences may create lists using Microsoft data, Custom Audiences will draw up marketing lists from your own data.  Advertisers can import Custom Audiences segments into their Bing Ads and then target audiences based off of attributes like subscription renewals, purchase history and more.

Does Bing Ads Offer Better Value Than Google Adwords?

When designing an advertising campaign which includes content marketing, PPC and more, Small Screen Producer takes a number of factors into account when determining if a client should advertise on Bing, on Google, on both, or on neither.

Recent information shared by a number of marketers have shown that Bing Ads are less expensive in terms of conversions.  But when it comes to exposure, Google is certainly the place to be.

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