Reputation management is at the forefront of discussion in today’s digital media marketing world. Most marketing execs understand the importance of maintaining a good standing within their community and customers (whether online and offline) and how it directly affects a company’s sales, hiring ability, and press coverage , no matter the size of the business.

It can be stressful and unsettling to wake up to bad reviews and slanderous remarks, and truth be told, many businesses don’t concern themselves with online reputation management until it’s too late and they’re on fire. Additionally, bad reviews are often placed in top ranking sites that sit high on search engine results pages, which can be extremely damaging. It’s more expensive to be reactive than proactive in implementing online reputation.

Last week, Forbes covered the top important tips all companies should note about online reputation management. Here’s what marketing executives can do to protect their online reputation, starting with:


A CEO’s Reputation is Just as Important as the Business’s

Top-level execs’ names are synonymous with the brand. And the personal reputations of these figures can affect the company just as much as the company’s own reputation. That’s because many executives with great reputations are industry leaders and experts sharing reputable knowledge and insight. A bad reputation can present an opposite effect.


Positive Google Results Can Only Protect Your Business to an Extent

What most businesses don’t realize is that search engine results change everyday, due to recent news, social media, and, of course, Google algorithm updates. Reputation management is a continuous process and businesses must keep swimming to develop waves of strong, positive vibes.


Jump into Social Media (Only if You Can Handle It)

Crisis communication is real-time now because of social media. And a major hiccup can send it echoing throughout the social media land. Businesses must plan ahead to develop a crisis communication plan for each platform they have a presence on. Don’t jump on the newest social media platform just because it’s the hottest new trend. Have a plan first. And if you can monitor it in real-time using a reputation monitoring tool, that’s a plus.


Focus on a Few Key Reputation Management Tactics

These tactics are to do your best to own and control your search engine results pages, have an active presence on social media, regularly blog to build positive information about your brand, implement creative ways to encourage customers to leave positive reviews, and have a planned an active PR strategy.


In-House Online Reputation is Possible

Your in-house team can develop public relations campaigns, social media updates, content marketing, blogs and support forums to use in case of a rainy day. Beyond that, it might be a good idea to reach out to a reputation management firm that specializes in the field and can offer insightful knowledge working with a diverse array of companies.


Online Reputation Management Isn’t Expensive, Depending on the Type

Reactive reputation is always going to be more expensive than proactive management through preventative measures because you’re repairing the damage verses preventing a problem from getting out of hand. Other than that, monthly management costs will depend on the scope and size of your company and its reputation.


When Hiring a Reputation Management Company, Ask Questions!

There are a lot (A LOT) or reputation management firms that will claim that they’ll get you fixed fast or they’ve got you covered. Before you sign on the dotted line, be sure to ask what kinds of tactics will be used to repair or maintain your online reputation. Great online reputation management tactics that will help a company in the long run are those that will take a bit of time.

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