Pinterest is a wonderful tool for companies that can communicate what they do visually. In order to find more success on Pinterest, follow these simple guidelines.

Top 6 Pinterest Tips for Businesses

  1. Get a business account. Until recently, there was only one kind of Pinterest account. Now there are official business accounts that your company either needs to create if you’re new to Pinterest, or transition into if you have an existing account (learn how to migrate your account here).
  2. Don’t be lazy. Each image you upload asks for a description. Fill it out! When someone repins your image, the description automatically goes with it, and when someone repins from that person, the description keeps going and so on unless someone physically changes it as they repin the image. Be sure to use relevant keywords for your image that make sense.
  3. Make your mark.  Don’t rely on just your description being passed around the Pinterest world. Add your logo or the name of your company to your images so they stay with it no matter what.
  4. Add the “Pin it” button to your content.  If you have a gallery on your website or an article with a great image on your blog, make it easy for your audience to do a little social sharing! Although most avid pinners have the “Pin it” button installed on their browser, adding the button to areas of your site that you want shared may inspire them to share.
  5. Incorporate Pinterest into your marketing materials. Let people know to find your on Pinterest for tips and tricks and whatever you are offering to the Pinterest community.
  6. Pin worthwhile content. If all you’re doing is pinning advertisements and hard sell marketing materials, you’re wasting everyone’s time. Post content that’s interesting and not all about you. Start conversations. Build relationships. Have fun.

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