Blogging is the absolute simplest way to lead more visitors to your site. Blogging also helps improve visibility for your web presence and search rankings. However, to get the most bang for your blog, your content writers need to focus on creating compelling and engaging content on a consistent basis over time, something that can sometimes be downright challenging for even the most talented of writers.

Writer’s block happens to all of us and if you’re having trouble coming up with content ideas for your company blog, keep reading! We’ve compiled a list of ideas, tools, and tactics you can take to create content that helps grow your web presence.


Customer Questions

Focus on providing answers to your customer’s biggest hurdles they’re struggling with to generate interest and lead them down the sales funnel. Not sure what that is? The best way to find out exactly is to just ask them. Then, compile a list and answer them all at once in a special FAQ post.


Top 10 Lists

See what we did for this post? Readers love quick reads like top 10 lists. Breaking down content makes it easy to read and lets readers know you aren’t wasting their time. Plus, readers are always curious to know the top best of everything.


Running List

Speaking of lists, keeping a running list of keywords, excerpts, and images can help spark creativity later and keep juices flowing. Every idea should go the list, whether it’s big or small, dumb or brilliant. These ideas can turn into kick-butt ideas later on.

We’ve also found that blog editorial calendars to be helpful to visually see what topics have been covered already and needs to be written. Download this free one from Hubspot.


Industry News

Subscribe to your favorite blogs or websites in your industry to get some ideas, but careful not to copy content, which won’t do any good for your site or search rankings (Google doesn’t like duplicate content!). Pay attention to keywords or catchphrases that users and other writers are mentioning. This can be done by using the Google Alerts feature, which automatically emails you with the latest news on keywords or phrases.


Customer Testimonials

Client testimonial blogs can generate interest with your brand and they’re fairly easy to put together. Best of all, they help build credibility for your brand’s reputation, furthering interest and consideration for your products and services.


Guest Blogging

Although this is another tactic that Google discourages for SEO, this can be helpful to establish credibility with readers. Just make sure you know the guest blogger source well and you include no follow link in the post.


Old (Great) Content

Have an eBook, press releases, or checklist you wrote a while back that you thought was really useful for readers? Take an excerpt and make it into a blog post.


Content Aggregation Tools

The web is seeping with great content that can spark some inspiration. Use sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Twitter, and Pinterest to browse for ideas.


The Breakdown

Typically, a great, standard blog posts is about 300-500 words, so for comprehensive topics you’re covering, it might be better to break it down into two or even three separate posts in a series. This creates less pressure for you as a writer and makes it less overwhelming for your readers.


Visual Formats

Blog articles don’t always have to be all text all the time. Why not add some visual appeal and take a blog post and transform it into a video or an infographic? If there’s a way to visually show what you’re trying to say, the more engaging and interesting the blog post will be to the reader.

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