Google Marketing Live 2019 was loaded with huge announcements. Among the most exciting of the lot for pool and spa companies were the up-and-coming Google Ads formats.

New Google Ads Formats for 2019

Google announced three brand new types of ads that will be available soon:

  1. Discovery Ads

These native ads will show up in several of Google’s feed environments (including YouTube). These ads are, as Google describes, “visually rich” and harness the “power of intent” to drive sales for companies.

What does power of intent mean? It means that Google will take a number of signals into account, including:

  • Past website visitation
  • Videos watched
  • Map searches
  • App downloads

This may very well be the most exciting ad-type for pool and spa companies. Being an industry already loaded with striking poolscapes and engaging imagery, this ad type seems like it’s almost specifically designed for you.

  1. Showcase Shopping Ads

Through this type of ad, pool and spa companies can display a variety of products on the Discover feed and Google Images. It’ll soon also roll out to YouTube, increasing the importance of video marketing.

The real benefit here is that visitors will be able to make a purchase without leaving any one of those three sites. This provides them with a near friction-less shopping experience

  1. Gallery Ads

Here’s another ad-type that delves deep into the “intent” of users. Gallery Ads are an interactive visual format that will appear on mobile devices in Search. As the name suggests, companies will be able to showcase multiple images which users can easily swipe through.

Being highly visual, Gallery Ads are another fantastic advertising avenue for pool and spa companies. Google shared that in testing, their Gallery Ads averaged 25 percent more interactions than other ad types.

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