Twitter should win an award for “most avid improvement” this year. It’s only March yet the social media site has released so several updates to its interface in an effort to gain and retain its 232 million users. Here are Twitter’s latest updates in just the last few weeks that users and marketers will be interested to note:

Embedded Video for Websites

Twitter has recently made big improvements to its video capabilities aside from its Vine app with the new ability for users to embed videos on websites.

On the company’s blog, the new embedded video widget places a Twitter-based video on a website using the same JavaScript that allows you to embed a tweet or a button on a website.

Twitter embeds are available for videos capture on both iOS and Android mobile devices and it’s really easy.

To embed a video, click on the ‘…’ button found at the bottom right of the Twitter video.

Select, “embed video” and copy and paste the generated HTML markup on your website or blog post to display the video-focused post. The original post should display in full.

Friend-Finding Tool

To help new Twitters uses set up their profiles and stay active on the site, a new friend-finding tool will allow Twitter developers to request access to users’ phone.

With this new feature, Twitter users will have the ability to create their own social graph using the contact list. Twitter’s login service, called Digits, will match both mutual and one-way connections to users who already have the service. This will let users connect with people they already know and notify them when these contacts join later.

Two-Point Login Verification

Privacy-conscious users will love the two-point verification system Twitter has enacted which will require two-factor verification to Digits that will require users to enter their phone number and a user-created code verification to login. The code will act as an extra layer of protection just in case the user loses his or her phone or it gets into the wrong hands.

Users may access Digits by visiting Fabric and downloading the Twitter kit.

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