Wondering how your email marketing campaign stacks up against the competition? A number of email marketing firms have released the latest statistics which may provide some insight into the success of your own campaigns.


Small to Medium Business Email Marketing Engagement Rates

GetResponse Email marketing released their worldwide averages for open and click-through-rates up to the beginning of April 2018.  Below are the top industries for open rates, click-through rates, and click-to-open rates:


Open Rates

The average across all industries was 24.88%.

  • Publishing (36.59%)
  • Restaurants and food (35.69%)
  • Healthcare (34.45%)


Click-Through Rates

The average across all industries was 4.06%.

  • Publishing (7.75%)
  • Arts & Entertainment (6.42%)
  • Healthcare (5.69%)


Click-To-Open Rates

The average across all industries was 16.31%.

  • Publishing (21.17%)
  • Automotive (18.79%)
  • Arts & Entertainment (18.76%)

Interestingly, Constant Contact released their own statistics in February 2018 where “publishing” had one of the lowest open rates at 14.92%, and “religious organization” dominated the charts with an open rate of 27.03%.  It is important to note, however, that Constant Contact had not segmented the responses between small and medium-sized businesses and large corporations.


Devices and Email Marketing

Wondering which devices people are using when clicking on and viewing your emails?  The latest Litmus stats highlight just how important it is to ensure that your emails are mobile-friendly:

  1. iPhone (28%)
  2. Gmail (26%)
  3. iPad (11%)
  4. Apple Mail (7%)
  5. Outlook (6%)

Samsung Mail was a newcomer and landed in 6th spot at 5%, and Google Android came in at 8th place with 8%.


Average Click-Through-Rates Per Email Type

Finally, different types of emails receive different levels of interaction, another factor you should take into account when assessing the effectiveness of your campaign.  GetResponse included these averages in their most recent stats:


Triggered emails

Open rate: 45.7%

Click-through rate: 10.76%

Click-to-open rate: 23.52%


Autoresponder emails

Open rate: 34.8%

Click-through rate: 6.56%

Click-to-open rate: 18.85%



Open rate: 22.83%

Click-through rate: 3.48%

Click-to-open rate: 15.26%


It’s not surprising that the two “invited” email types – triggered and autoresponder – have higher open and click-through rates than newsletters since these types of emails are immediately relevant to the actions a user has made.  The takeaway for businesses? Email marketing automation is critical for reach and engagement.


Need Ideas for Improving Your Email Marketing Campaign?

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