Whoever said Twitter is dead? The reboot of Roseanne on the ABC network was met with record-breaking views with more than 18 million people tuning in to watch its premiere.  But despite its popularity, it only took one controversial Twitter post from actor Roseanne Barr to bring the whole show to an abrupt conclusion. No  Read More

Addressing negative online reviews can be a delicate task. It’s important to take control over your reputation and manage reviews diligently. Small Screen Producer offers five quick tips on how to handle this challenging public feedback.   1. Keep Your Responses Simple and Direct Confronting any negative feedback head-on is essential. Replying publicly to your  Read More

Small businesses everywhere are sharing the same frustration over a mysterious algorithm they can’t seem to crack. Its Yelp’s cryptic automatic filter, which conceals numerous positive business reviews from business pages it deems as suspicious or deceiving. Cracking the Code It comes as no surprise that the review giant isn’t universally loved. In the last  Read More