Today’s a great day for social media and content marketing. LinkedIn announced it’ll allow all LinkedIn users the opportunity to create long-form posts on his or her profile to share on LinkedIn’s huge publishing platform. Until now, this influencer-publishing feature had only been offered to editorially selected influencers and industry experts (like Bill Gates, Richard  Read More

A LinkedIn personal page serves as your online business card. It’s the fastest, easiest way for you to find and connect with friends, colleagues, acquaintances, business partners, and donors on a professional level. People can learn about you, where you’ve been, and what types of content you’re sharing. What’s more, LinkedIn personal profiles serve as  Read More

Linkedin has grown to become an extremely helpful social media marketing tool for professionals and companies all over the world to engage and interact with job seekers, brands, recruiters, and industries. As the world’s largest professional network, the social network has garnered over 259 million users in 200 countries, with 84 million in the U.S.  Read More

Savvy businesses know that it’s absolutely essential to have a presence on social media, but to have and maintain a strong presence on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and now LinkedIn, or Google+ is all about the right approach. Having a strong social media content strategy is important for figuring out what you want to  Read More