Instagram is the latest social media platform to offer a “mute” option to its users. By “muting” an Instagram account, users are able to continue following an account without needing to see any new posts.  Users will, however, receive notifications if they have been tagged in a post or if any comments have been made.  Read More

Instagram is known for its digital toolbox loaded with cool camera effects including time-lapse videos and Boomerang GIFs.  Its newest offering, Instagram Superzoom, allows users to take dramatic close-up videos which can be synced up with music and sound effects. These short videos are created using either the front- or rear-facing camera on your device.  Read More

Instagram is the super fun, quirky, prized branding tool for bloggers, celebrities, and companies all around the world to engage and captivate today’s on-the-go audience. However, not many brands have really thought about building their presence on this social media site, even though it’s attracted more than 150 million users. Before you start snapping photos  Read More