Businesses are always focused on driving demand and increasing conversions. While the goal is always clear, the way to get there almost never is. There are many different ways to reach customers – through eBook downloads, landing pages, social media, and email campaigns – choosing the most effective one becomes more difficult as online marketing grows over time. It can be overwhelming for marketers to really get a sense of what they’re doing or what they should be doing when there are so many approaches, strategies, solutions, trends & studies!

However, according to a recent report released by Aberdeen Group, a provider of fact-based business intelligence, there’s one type of content marketing that rules as a crucial component to any marketing strategy. Videos are a clever approach for organizations to reach marketing goals and obtain that elusive ROI. Why?

Customers are living in an information age, where you see buyers looking to the Internet to find all the information they can get. This is what has driven the popularity of content marketing. Videos are not only a form of content marketing that provides information for the customer; they allow organizations to quickly and effectively communicate to customers, making customers feel confident about buying that product or service. Videos essentially take care of all the heavy lifting of walking the customer through the buying process, something that used to be left to sales teams. What’s more, videos provide that extra appeal that helps businesses shine through a highly competitive environment.

Here are some key findings we found interesting:

  • 95% of best-in-class marketers are using video as a content marketing tactic.
  • Video content users enjoy an average of 4.8% website conversion rate, compared to 2.9% conversion rate. Video is helping marketers increase website conversion rates by more than 65%!
  • The average cost per marketing-generated lead is $93 for companies that are using video, compared to $115 for companies that are not using video.
  • Companies using video require 37% fewer unique site visits to generate a marketing response or unqualified lead.

Take a look at the infographic below, provided by Brightcove that highlights more key findings from Alberdeen’s report. You can watch the full video report by Brightcove and Alberdeen Group here.