Video not only helps you build a stronger web presence but also takes advantage of a new digital marketplace. In the beginning, YouTube did not position itself as a social media channel, but now it has become a respected social site for business communication.

Shareable Content

Every social media strategy should include a content sharing option. YouTube makes it easy for your visitors to share your content on whatever social media platform they prefer. Whether they want to share your video on their Twitter, Facebook, Myspace or LinkedIn, your videos are more likely to be shared and viewed than text format content. At Small Screen Producer we only produce videos that are search engine optimized and easy to find so you can be confident that your business will be known.


The push to creating a complete brand presence on all social media channels is now possible with YouTube. You can now add branded photos and logos to your YouTube channel page to personalize and connect to the viewer or potential customer. Enhancing your video marketing with customization is simple with YouTube and our creative master team at Small Screen Producer.


Don’t be discouraged by social media marketing and whether or not you can measure the effectiveness of your activity because YouTube gives you the insight and data you deserve instantly! Learn how many subscribers you have and video views without leaving the YouTube page. Don’t worry, we will take care and monitor your channel so that it is a well-oiled brand promotion machine.

Website Traffic

Adding a YouTube account to your social media marketing strategy can also support website traffic. By generating interest on your YouTube channel page and optimizing it with keywords and a link to your website you can spark a connection with the viewer.