A successful marketing strategy seems to be on everyone’s mind nowadays. Internet marketing, specifically inbound marketing, is constantly evolving to the “next best thing”. Adding the newest feature or trend you read about a couple of months ago may seem like a good idea, but suddenly becomes old news by the time you actually do anything about it.

Still, internet marketing is all about engaging with those who most likely want to hear from you and buy your product or service. We went ahead and complied a list of proven, must-have necessities to have in your strategy no matter what’s trending at the moment.

1. Invest in Inbound 

The best things in life take time, but they do eventually happen. According to Hubspot, 92% of businesses using inbound marketing techniques saw increased traffic to their website, 40% of them seeing a boost of at least 75%.

Keep inbound marketing working for you by merging inbound marketing techniques with traditionally outbound tactics. For example, SSP recently attached QR codes to brochures and t-shirts before attending a marketing conference. The QR codes led to a landing pages where customers could quickly fill out a contact form. We were able to set up separate URLs for each link and track the results individually.

2. Be the All-Knowing Expert 

Your blog is a good starting place to post all of your insightful knowledge, tips, and perspective, but it shouldn’t end there. Establish yourself as a distinguished, reliable source by reaching out to companies in other industries via press releases and LinkedIn. Attend trade shows and reach out to influencers of niche blogs. Offer to write or be interviewed for a blog post or news article and you not only develop a relationship with a potential brand ambassador, but you also extend your reach in the process too.

3. Roll the Camera 

Attractive, engaging, and informative – people just love watching videos, plain and simple. Approach videos like you would blog posts by providing information that’s helpful and highly revevant to your audience. Be sure to keep it brief and engaging, include keywords in the title, and share it enthusiastically through your social media.

4. Finally Figure Out Mobile 

Okay, you’ve put it off long enough! With new technology that can now track a customer’s location and offer him or her related deals and coupons, the mobile trend is certainly here to stay for a long while. Promote a stylized, clean, responsive version of your website to provide ease and usability for your consumers. Start off with placing important “need-to-know-now” information on your site and build from there.

5. Consider the Email Nudge 

Some would consider email to be quite the antiquated medium, but it has power beyond belief, especially when it comes to reaching out to those who have abandoned their shopping cart, didn’t finish filling out a contact form, or have visited your website but are still shy away from ontacting you. And according to Litmus, “82% of consumers open emails from companies.” The Small and Midsize Business Email Marketing Survey 2013 says, “56% of businesses say they plan to increase their use of email marketing in 2013.”

6. Involve a Professional

The trendiest marketing ideas won’t go too far without these basic tactics put into place first. With the help of a reputable web marketing group that can take care of website design and development, content and video marketing, and SEO, you’ll be on your way to seeing real return on investment while having enough time on your hands to still run a business.

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