Thanksgiving may be more than a month away. But it’s never too late to start putting together a holiday content strategy for your pool company. It’ll go a long way in saving you time and worry during what can be the most stressful, albeit joyful, time of the year. The first step to creating a great holiday content strategy is to look at past trends. 

Look at Past Trends

What sells a lot during the holidays? Why are people contacting you and walking through your pool store doors? What kind of content are they after?

Many pool companies find that customers are shopping for hot tubs for their loved ones. Depending on your customer base, now may be the time to offer a great deal on last season’s tubs. Or it could be a great time to promote one of the newest models on the market.

Family fun is also on the mind of many pool customers. Above ground pools of all shapes and sizes might be a top-selling item.

It never hurts to put together a holiday gift guide for pool and spa lovers. Within its virtual or physical covers, you can include all of your greatest and most popular products.

Spruce Up Your Content with Seasonal Images

It’s a well-known fact that images drive content engagement. Adding some festive images will help your customers connect with their happy memories of Thanksgivings, Christmases and New Years Eve’s from their past.

Stock photos are alright as a final resort. Otherwise consider hiring a graphic designer or web designer to create some unique branded on-season images for your ad campaigns, social media posts and holiday blog posts.

Take a Multi-Platform Approach

The best holiday content strategy is one that incorporates multiple advertising outlets. Facebook Ads and Google Ads are a must, and Instagram Ads are an ideal choice for pool companies. Other outlets to consider include:

  • Email
  • YouTube
  • Blog posts

Create a Plan for your Holiday Content Strategy

Mapping out a content plan simplifies what can otherwise be a time-consuming process. Knowing when and how you’ll be posting your content on one or more platforms will keep everything organized and on track.

Don’t have time to plan and create content? Let the digital media marketing experts at Pool Marketing Site help. We can help with every aspect of your holiday content strategy with our affordable and effective marketing solutions.