COVID-19 has made consumers shop online more than ever before, even for large purchases like pools and spas. Even if many customers make their final purchase in-store, half of all retail sales begin with online research. And that figure is expected to rise to 58% by 2022. Now is the perfect time to prepare your pool & spa business for the future by creating a seamless online-to-offline shopping experience.

Here is a look at some key digital consumer habits according to Google research.

At-Home Shopping Will Continue to Increase for Pools & Spas

During the lockdown, shopping online became the new normal for many people. In May, ‘Pools’ became the third most searched commodity on Google. Hot tubs and above ground pools sold out across the country. This high demand for pools and spas will continue over the next two years. Most shoppers will begin their pool or spa search online. 

Now is the time to adopt a hybrid sales approach that integrates online and offline sales. By making it easier for customers to do research and make decisions online, you’ll create seamless transition to purchasing in-store. With consumer education resources, lead engagement tools, innovative technology, and creative content, the new generation pool websites create a customer experience that guides visitors into your brick-and-mortar store.

Changing Pool Consumer Needs Create New Online Habits

While e-commerce adoption has accelerated across the board, even pool and spa shoppers are turning online more than ever. With more people staying home and socially-distancing, potential pool and spa buyers are planning out their purchase online more than ever. For companies that don’t have a robust online presence, now is a crucial time to start offering customers more digital tools and resources. 

Pool companies need to provide customers with a convenient way to shop for their products and make purchasing decisions from home. Whether it’s pool and spa design planning tools, shopping lists, curbside pickup scheduling, online financing, or digital contract signing, innovative technology is available to help builders and retailers create a user-friendly online presence.

Pool & Spa Businesses Should Embrace Digital Marketing

A new McKinsey report shows that many companies are pivoting their business models because of COVID-19 and changing consumer behaviors. Google reported that having best-in-class digital marketing can return brands as much as 20% extra revenue and 30% lower costs. 

Many pool and spa businesses are overwhelmed with the demand for above ground pools and hot tubs. Hiring a marketing agency can take much of the work off of your plate and allow you to scale efficiently. For less than the cost of an entry-level employee, Small Screen Producer offers monthly marketing plans and a team of pool and spa industry experts proven to get results.

Now is the Time to Transform Your Pool Business

With your consumers spending more time online, the need to transform your pool business is stronger than ever. Moving your business online is crucial to connecting with your customers on their terms and providing the experience they expect. Providing a seamless online and offline experience is necessary for long-term success in the pool and spa industry.

As customer behavior changes quickly, you need a flexible and agile strategy to adapt to anything. When significant shifts happen, you don’t want to get caught flat-footed like many businesses did this year. If you have a website that allows customers to pre-shop online, you’ll be ready for almost anything. Combine that with a marketing team that studies consumer trends in your industry, and you’ll be set for whatever the future brings.

Think Ahead and Reimagine Your Business Model

As we start to move out of lockdown, now is the perfect time to start thinking about the future and create a more agile business model. Marketing automation will be a useful tool to efficiently manage the fluctuating pool and spa demand and get the most value for your marketing budget. Adopting an integrated online-to-offline business model will position your business for success in the long term. 

The pandemic has caused customers and businesses alike to rethink their behaviors. This offers the perfect opportunity to make the necessary changes to your pool and spa business. You still have time to pivot and make these changes, but the time to transform is right now.

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