The year 2017 has been a busy one for Pinterest, with the company empowering its community of over 175 million active users to “do” more through a variety of tools and updates.  At the upcoming Social Media Week London, Head of Global Marketing Communications and Industry Relations Eric Hedge will be exploring the company’s current mission as well as share how Pinterest will further expand its offerings.

What Pinterest Has Been up to This Year

Instant Ideas

Through Instant Ideas users can easily search for items relevant and related to previous searches and pins within the Pinterest app.

Pinterest Lens

Back in February we shared a blog detailing how Pinterest Lens works and how brands can take advantage of it.  Since then Pinterest has made a number of improvements to Lens, including:

  • You can Lens multiple things at the same time
  • You can jump right to Lens through a short cut
  • You can receive quick responses on QR codes

Shop the Look

See an irresistible top or pair of skinny jeans on Pinterest?  Now you can “shop” for the item simply by tapping on the item.  After the tap you will be presented with a list of stores which have the item available as well as the price.

Pinterest Flashlight

This cropping tool allows users to visually search for content by focusing on a number of elements, including:

  • Object
  • Color
  • Pattern

Autoplay Video Ads

As we reported a few months back, autoplay video ads now automatically play in the search results or the feed of a Pinterest user.  This exciting update allows advertisers to increase views at a lower cost.

Curious about what else Pinterest has in store this year?  Join them at Social Media Week London from September 11 to 15, or continue to check out the Small Screen Producer blog for further updates!

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