With its visually attractive interface and its steadfast focus on products, Pinterest has proved to be a driving force online. One very strong aspect of Pinterest is that it’s a perfect combination of search and social, or as some like to describe as, “searcial”. On Wednesday, Pinterest released a couple of improvements to its search feature that will make it even easier for users to find creative ideas, people, and products they’re looking for.

Before this recent update, search results found on the social site were “buried behind different filters for Pins, Pinners, and boards”. Now, Pinterest is introducing a more powerful search engine in order to compete with other forms or search online with a few subtle, innocuous changes to help you with your Pinterest campaigns.

Search Suggestions: First, Pinterest will start recommending suggestions when users start typing; users will also have the option to filter out pins in search results based on parameters. For example, users can filter out whether they would like to see just pins, users, or both in their search results.

Verified Celebrities & Brands: People who show up in search results will also appear with a checkmark if they are verified users; this is the same feature that’s found on Facebook and Twitter. With this change, users can search for the true Pinterest accounts of their favorite people and brands to follow.

See What’s Trending: When users make their first search, they will be able to see the top trending searches in red to provide them with “a glimpse of what creative ideas are popping up today.”

Spiffy Spellcheck: Pinterest found that about 12% of all searches on Pinterest have a spelling error, which could bring up some terrible results. Now when users type in something that’s not quite right, Pinterest will autocorrect and provide results the site thinks the user might have meant.

With new and improved search features, advertisers can expect to see better results and signals of customer intent. That intent – what users may be searching for (and most likely wanting to buy) – is what has allowed Google to build one of the biggest advertising businesses in the world. If Pinterest continues to refine its products and user experience, it’ll continue to evolve into one of the most coveted advertising tools on the web for marketers.