Entrepreneurs and business owners often find themselves embroiled in a debate between organic ads and paid search ads.  Paid search ads, while effective, are taking away from from a company’s bottom line while organic ads are “free”.

here is a reason why we have put “free” in quotes, and we will dig a bit deeper into this organic vs. paid search ads debate now.

The Difference Between Organic Search Ads and Paid Search Ads

Perform a search on Google, and you will see any paid search ad marked with a small green “ad” graphic next to it.  Another difference is that a paid search ads cost you, per click, to display while organic search is free.

Organic ads are present in Google Search results, but they will appear underneath the paid search ads.  Some users will forgo the paid search ads and head to the organic ads, while those who are in search of a specific product or service will appreciate the immediate solution paid search ads have to offer.

Organic Ads Are Rarely Free

But just how free are organic advertisements on Google?  They can be as cost effective as a business wants them to be.  But if you want your organic advertisement to land on page 1 or 2 of Google Search, you need to have some incredible marketing skills or pay someone else with incredible marketing skills to make sure that you rank and rank properly.

The other issue is staying on top of what exactly is necessary to keep your organic search on top and to ensure that you adhere to those standards on a daily basis.

SSP Can Take Care of Your Daily Marketing Needs

Online marketing is dynamic.  The landscape is always changing, and you need to stay on top of what works and what doesn’t work on a daily basis.

This is why clients from all over the globe turn to Small Screen Producer.  We offer a suite of digital media marketing solutions both paid and organic which can take your business from unheard of to a major brand locally and internationally.

We can be reached at (281) 569-4370 for your question about paid search ads on Google and other online marketing needs.