Did you know that last year was the best holiday season for online retailers since 2011 (eMarketer, 2017)? In the United States alone, ecommerce business increased by 17.8 percent throughout November and December. There are a lot of reasons why ecommerce has been steadily growing over the years. One of the key reason behind it is social media.

Social Media Influences Sales

Social media networks like Facebook and Instagram are driving online sales. As we tap, scroll and swipe on our smartphones and other mobile devices, we see highly targeted advertisements alongside the names of our friends and family.

Aligning products with those near and dear to our hearts isn’t the only reason why social media is boosting online sales. It turns out that engagement with the brands we want to buy from is also a large piece of the puzzle.

Sprout Social looked back on the number of messages retailers received between January to October, and then November to the end of December. On average, companies received an average of 1,768 messages each day. During the holidays, however, these came companies received 3,385 messages each and every day, an increase of 92%. Specifically, small retailers with 50 employees or less, like pool and spa business owners, were sent an average of 925 messages from November to December 2017.

Engagement is Key

It’s no longer enough to come up with a social strategy that is only about posting deals and promotions.

Pool and spa companies have to now engage with their audience, respond to direct messages, and reply to questions and comments on Facebook and Instagram. This way you’ll be able to foster meaningful connections that will create brand loyalists and increase repeat purchases.

Tune Up your Social Strategy for the Holidays

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