Facebook has made it no secret that they are investing heavily in their advertisement options. Ad placements have already been added to Stories and Marketplace, and now more Facebook Ads will now also be making an appearance on Search.

Unlike other advertising channels (like Google Ads), Facebook ads cannot be targeted through keywords. Instead advertisers can choose “Search” as an additional placement option.

Ads in Search have been available since 2018 for a finite number of industries. With it now being offered to more businesses, you can be sure that you will be seeing more ads in Search in the near future.

Why Facebook Ads in Search Matters

In a word: exposure. Having the potential to show up in Facebook Search, a tool which is increasingly being used by the network’s users, gives your pool company all the more opportunity to reach new audiences and to re-engage with past leads and customers.

Facebook Ads in Search Means Understanding Keywords

One major concern advertisers have about Facebook Search ad placement is lack of control. Can we trust the social network algorithm’s to determine when your pool company’s ad does and does not appear?

Keep in mind that the network is always checking out your page and uses queues from that page to determine where your ads will show. When proper measures are taken, you can influence when and where Facebook will display your Facebook Ads.

This is why keywords are critical. Know which keywords you should be using and incorporate these words and phrases in your ad copy, landing pages, main headlines, and as part of your image’s alt text.

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