It looks like the LinkedIn is taking big steps to prepare for its mega mobile surge with a brand new mobile profile redesign. Back in May, LinkedIn reported that almost half of its total traffic comes from smartphones and tablets. In the first quarter alone, LinkedIn mobile traffic represented 43% of the total traffic to the site.

According to the company’s blog post, the new redesign makes it easier for users to share key information about themselves. And it introduces users to others who may share common interests or backgrounds.

Not only will this update let others get to know you better, but it additionally offers insight about others that could make “great icebreakers” when meeting them in person for the first time.

LinkedIn Going Mobile

The fact that LinkedIn has decided to roll out new profiles on mobile first is significant. Linkedin, along with Facebook, have focused on building separate mobile apps in recent months. It’s a great thing LinkedIn hasn’t forgotten about their flagship app and is finding new ways to improve it for users.

Key Features of the New Redesign

A few key features to note about the new redesign is the top card that display key snippets of your profile information. This includes your location, current company and role, education and connections. The new set up also includes quick action buttons for endorsing skills and messaging.

LinkedIns Redesign for Mobile Lets You Make Better Connections | Small Screen Producer Digital and Inbound Marketing Agency Houston

What’s more, the profile changes for each individual viewer. Different people who click on the same profile will yield a different layout with different information.

LinkedIn’s algorithm gathers all the information necessary from your profile to figure out the best pieces to share with that individual user. With this app, users can expect to edit their personal profiles on-the-go and learn about others minutes before an interview or conference.

The new design is available to iPhone and Android users through the app and on the mobile web.