It’s here! LinkedIn has finally stepped up and added a new feature for brands to display and share their products and sub-brands better. The debut happened Tuesday morning and they’re calling it Showcase Pages. Basically a niche Company Page, the feature allows LinkedIn followers to opt-in to learn more about particular products they care most about.

LinkedIn users want to follow companies to receive brand-related content, updates, and opportunities. The problem with that is that users receive anything and everything, even if it isn’t relevant to them.

With Showcase Pages, it further enhances the way content is displayed and makes it more relevant for the follower.  For example, if an Adobe Creative Suite user wanted to start following Adobe, the user could follow Adobe Creative Cloud Page and not the Adobe Marketing Cloud Page to view more relevant content from the company. Great, right?

How to Set Up LinkedIn Showcase Pages:

If you’re a LinkedIn Admin wanting to set up Showcase Pages, it’s a fairly simple process, and each Company Page can create up to 10 Showcase Pages – for free!

LinkedIn is still rolling out features to make to available to every user, which could take a bit of time. Good news is that you can at least set one page up right now, here’s how:

  1. First, identify the key areas within your company that need a Showcase Page. What are the different departments and solutions that you offer?
  2. Visit your Company Page and click on “Edit” at the top. At the bottom, you’ll see “Create a Showcase Page.”
  3. You can begin adding information about the particular product or sub-brand and provide content that is as relevant and specific as you want.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages Boost Branding Opportunities for Businesses | Small Screen Producer Houston

LinkedIn Showcase Pages Boost Branding Opportunities for Businesses | Small Screen Producer Houston

What the Improvements Mean for Companies

In short, they’ll help companies build better relationships with their specific audiences. Many brands out there have distinct, buyer personas that require entirely different content strategies. With Showcase Pages, companies can provide more specific, targeted messages on a dedicated page and capture the interest of those users who are already interested in the sub-product or sub-brand.

More relevancy means more interest means more engagement.

Important tip: This is a great feature, but not every single brand out there has to have Showcase Pages. If you’re targeting two or three specific audiences, it’ll work. If you find that your buyer personas are all very similar in behavior and interests, it might be better stick to just the original Company Page and keep it simple to refrain from complicating your main marketing message.

These pages can work in your favor if you have distinct products and target audiences and a great content marketing strategy to compliment them. Try out the new feature and let us know what you think! For content inspiration, take a look at Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, LinkedIn Talent SolutionsLinkedIn Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn Sales Solutions for some ideas!


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